Grand Vite ™

Grand Vite ™

Advanced Support For
Balanced Nutrition

• Comprehensive
Full Spectrum
Performance Formula
For Horses

• Balanced, Full—Spectrum Formula: Vitamins • Chelated Trace Minerals and Amino Acids
• Maintain Energy and Endurance: Full Spectrum B-Complex to Support Energy and Endurance
• Nutrition to Support Immunity: High Levels of Antioxidants to Help Support the Immune System
• Helps Promote a Glossy and Healthy Skin and Coat: High levels Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids
• Maintains Digestion and Immune System: Supports Healthy Digestion with Diamond V™ Prebiotic Yeast
• Nutritional Support for Bones with Biotin & Comprehensive Amino Acid Profile

Grand Vite™ Better Nutrition, Better Performance.

The reasons to feed Grand Vite are varied:

• ‘Hard Keepers’ that do not absorb the nutrients they need
• Older, senior horses not able to digest nutrients efficiently
• Supports the Immune System
• Pregnant – Lactating – Breeding Mares and Stallions
• High Performance horses to maximize overall wellness and long-term performance

Grand Vite is a time-tested formula developed in 1985, and is highly recommended by veterinarians and some of America’s best trainers and riders. You will not find a product that offers a more comprehensive range of the most important nutrients to meet your horse’s individual needs and complement his daily diet.

Grand Vite is safe when fed in addition to forage, pasture, and complete feeds to enhance your horse’s diet.

Guaranteed Analysis • Per 2oz (56.7g) serving


 Vitamin A  22,500 IU
 Vitamin D  2,660 IU
 Vitamin E  500 IU
 Vitamin C  500 mg
 Folic Acid  60 mg
 B-1, Thiamin  48 mg
 B-2, Riboflavin  50 mg
 B-3, Niacin  125 mg
 B-5, Pantothenic Acid  42 mg
 B-6, Pyridoxine  18 mg
 B-12, Cyanocobalamin  150 mcg
 Biotin  1.5 mg
 Beta Carotene  4 mg
 Choline  275 mg


 Calcium (min)  1,875 mg
 Phosphorus (min)  990 mg
 Magnesium  850 mg
 Potassium  1,245 mg
 Sulfur  277 mg
 Manganese  148 mg
 Iron  250 mg
 Copper  75 mg
 Zinc  200 mg
 Iodine  1 mg
 Cobalt  1 mg
 Selenium  1 mg

Omega Fatty Acids:

 Omega 3 Fatty Acids  Yes
 Omega 6 Fatty Acids  Yes

Amino Acids:

 Complete Profile  Yes


 Diamond V™ Prebiotic LIVE Fermented Yeast  Yes